Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My small die collection and how it reflects my low rank as a gamer

One of the things I'm going to admit before I post further: I am not the caliber of nerd that usually makes their own RPG system and documents the process and thoughts on role-playing in a blog. In fact, I think I have logged in shy of 100 hours of actual gaming in my short life, and the majority of that was with the the much derided d20 systems of the aughts. But I still look back back on those gaming experiences with nostalgia, crappy as hindsight also reveals them to be.

And so this brings us to my embarrassingly-small collection of dice that many a player would scoff at. In the picture, you can see a standard set of all the usual polygons that have been with us from 0D&D up through d20 and Type IV D&D. Also pictured are a D30, D24, and a binary die that I bought in preparation to run a DCC campaign (that sadly turned into a one-off when my local tactics-loving group didn't express further interest). You may have noticed a lot of d6s too. I purchesed those the other day at a store called Donkihote (I assume after the crazed would-be knight that inspires gamers somehow). 15 of them cost me 300 yen. They live in a tin with counters that I was using when I played a character that uses psionic power points in a Darksun game. As I mentioned somewhere on the internet (can't recall exactly where), I have no short-term memory, so counters are very useful to me.

So with all those little dice I am now ready to play-test some Kill It With Fire. In my tiny cold apartment. By myself. And there is a good chance that no one will ever use my system but me. Nothing pathetic about that!

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