Sunday, February 28, 2016

[KIWF] new ability: Undying

I've already done a version of KIWF regeneration for monsters, but this is a new way. Click the monster abilities label at the end of the post for more of the like. See the insert below for the latest iteration of my beta fantasy heartbreaker rules that happens to share this blog's name.

Undying x: Each round, the monster's last (rightmost) hit die goes up by x pips. If it would go over six, give the monster a lost hit die back, if any are available, from the players' bloodpool and set it at one pip.

Conga Undying x: As above, but start hit dice gaining pips from the left, and carrying over each time they would hit 6 to their brother on the right.

Ultra Undying x: As above, but every hit die is gaining pips each round.

Glutton Undying x: as above, but the monster can gain new hit dice by stealing them from its own bloodpool.

Godlike Undying x: as above, but the monster can gain new hit dice by stealing them from any bloodpool.

Emotion Vampire: Like Undying, but  only get's new pips under certain conditions (barbarian launches into a berserker fury, player threatens the DM, (N)PC watches their loved one get killed or boinked, etc.), and the new dice come from the player's bloodpool if it can.

So below is KIWF (the rules have been tinkered with over the last 4 years), but I've also been toying with another set of die-pool RPG rules. I might combine them at some point. The new thing is here.

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