Sunday, August 5, 2012

DCC Psion Power Draft: Pyrokinesis

With this draft, I am keen to know if anything seems off about material melting points. By the way, the going-nuclear ability is inspired by Firestarter.


Pyrokinesis is the ability to speed up the vibrations of matter on a molecular level, giving rise to heat. Psions minus their ML from any fire damage they would take while manifesting this power.

Check Success: You can start to heat material, which is affected based on the number of rounds you concentrate. If you want to concentrate for a number of beyond your ML, you need to make another power check.

You may use Mind Burn to speed up the process; ability points spent reduce the number of rounds needed to achieve an effect on a 1 for 1 ratio.

Effect on non-living targets
Effect on targeted creatures
Paper, dry grass,wool, and similar materials ignite.
Creatures feel mild pain. Fire-based entities disrupted (Will save to move).
Wood darkened, kindling ignited
1d4 damage. Mild blistering.
Logs ignited, metals are dropped unless their holder endures 1d4 damage.
1d6 damage.
Metals scorch for 1d7 damage. Water boils (1 cubic foot per ML). Leather ignites.
1d8 damage.
Logs reduced to embers and scorch for 1d8 damage, as does metal. Concrete grows brittle.
1d10 damage. Roll luck or be scarred.
Steel grows soft and scorches for 1d16 damage. Gold melts.
1d12 damage. Creature’s touch now does your ML in damage.
Materials scorch for 2d16. Adjacent creatures take 1d12 damage. Glass melts.
1d16 damage. Roll luck or be scarred. Creatures of HD lower than you can’t save.
Materials scorch for 3d12 damage. Steel melts.
1d20 damage.
Anyone within 20 feet will take 2d12 fire damage.
1d30 damage. Still receive half damage  if they save.
Molecules so excited that there is a chance of localized nuclear explosion (roll luck).
Atomized. Still receive 1d16 damage on a save.

Roll 1: Reduce the number of rounds needed to achieve an effect by up to 1d5. Creatures of HD less than your ML can’t save.

Roll 20: Roll 1d6. (1)You are feverish for the next 2 turns (1d4 stamina damage); (2) Success, but you ignite in supernatural flame (no damage to you or possessions) and scortch things for 1d5 damage per round; (3) Your clothes ignite (1d4 damage per round, full round action to put out the flames) ; (4) One of your possessions must make a save or explode (1d8 damage to adjacent creatures); (5) You accidentally summon a fire elemental that is angry at you; (6) Your insides boil for 1d14 damage, but a FORT save will reduce it by half.

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