Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Cosmology

Sigil is widely regarded as a microcosm
that reflects the shape of the macrocosm
that comprises the known universe. Imagine
Azathoth at the middle and you may start to
understand Our Lady of Pain.
A little something I am going to be using as my cosmology in games for a while. Each area will have some Powers (gods) and Inhabitants (monsters) detailed.

This universe is a great torus; galaxies and planets ring it, but its edges dissolve into the terrifying pseudo-matter that is The Outer Limits.

The Outer Limits
A realm where the laws of physics melt and reality bends back upon itself. It's an unfathomable distance from known space, and other realities pervade our own here. It surrounds the great torus on all edges. Dark energy pushes the torus further and further apart with the march of the aeons.
  • The Outer gods: Azazoth floats in the middle of all reality, just outside of it, attended by his pipers. Azaoth fuels the beginning and end of all things. 
  • In his mad dreams Shub-Niggurath is ever pregnant and making cosmic horrors.

The Astral Sea
This can be thought of as the stars, planets, and galaxies close enough to our own to matter.
  • The Stars themselves: Unfathomable entities that control the fates of men and whisper strange secrets to the mad. 
  • The Great old ones: Gods in their own right, the spawn of the stars, such as Cthulhu, originate here, though they tend to be subject to the whims of the cosmic ley-lines and many of them are mercifully sleeping on some planet until they can outlive death again.
  • Astral Oddities: Githyanki pirates, Chael, Maruts, Inevitables, Shmodrons, Neogi, Beholders, Illithids, Mi-go, Greys

The Seven Heavens
A heavenly series of locales for almost any temperament. Of particular interest is Valhalla, the barrier to this reality, where warriors that please their gods are restored for feasting each night.
  • They Who Watch: Bahamut, Venca, Tiamat, Psionic Dragon Gods, Zagyg, the Pantheon of Law, the Igigi
  • The Heavenly Host: Cloud Giants, Angels, Daevas, Dead Heroes, Archons, Ambassadors of all kinds.

Midgard (called Aert by common man)
The realm we know the best: the proving ground of the new human race. Elves and dwarves remain from the golden age, but mankind is still struggling to decide their own destiny.
  • They Who Walk Among Us: Avatars, Earth-bound Great Old Ones, Immortals, Nephilim, old man Bahamut
  • Mundane Monsters: Wizards and their experiments, fey, robots, dragons, the undead, the uplifted beasts
  • The kingdoms: Kings, emperors, and khans squabble over the lands of men
  • The demi-humans: Elves, Dwarves and Hobbits withdraw into their alien societies

The Underworld
Beneath the earth lies the dungeons of things forgotten or sealed away, and mazes made for strange reasons by the servants of various entities. 

The Gates of Tartarus
The Barrier that holds back the Titanomachy's losers. Devils are former servants of the gods, bound to hold the gates in recompense for their immemorial sins.
  • The Wardens: Cerebus, Hel, Lucifer, Yama, Hecatonchires, the 7 Anunnaki judges
  • The Hell-bound: The Sinful Dead, Devils, Tasked-angels, Maras

The 9 Hells
These realms of torture are intended to preoccupy and imprison the most dangerous beings from primordial times. The only escape is deeper down...
  • Titans and Ashuras: Maya-demons, Vrita, Kronos, Mnemosyne
  • Horrors: Cenobytes, Slaadi, the Ancient Dead

The Abyss
A chaotic vortex in the middle of an elemental crucible that reaches down through an insanity that reflects The Outer Limits.
  • The Demon Lords: Baphomet, Orcus, Demogorgon, Juiblex, The Elemental Royalty
  • Chaos' childer: Demons, Oozes, Obyriths

The End of Creation
Tharizdun, lord of paradox, is imprisoned at the bottom of reality, in the singularity of nothingness that lies there. His release would spell the end of everything.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

It Came from the Bog! [monster]

Example of a Hanged Bogman,
waiting for a chance to exact revenge
on the living.
So these may get used for petty gods redux, but in the meantime, I think they're too cool to just sit on.

Bog-standard Bogman

Bog-standard Bogmen are the remains of people who died after a long struggle to get unstuck from an ignominious death in swamps or tar pits. Just as the torches of the search parties were disappearing into the surrounding mire, these poor forsaken souls squeaked a last, pathetic plea for salvation and were summarily instilled with a mote of The Bogfather’s blasphemous quintessence. As years of erosion or human activity sometimes results in a situation in which a bogman becomes uncovered again, it will finally rip itself free of its prison as the first rays of moonlight touch it. A bogman desires to find living souls to take its place beneath the muck; and any humanoids it places there will rise in a similar manner the next night.

Attacks: Choking mitts. If they hit, they automatically grip a human or smaller sized creature in a death grip (roll a d6 each round, add them together, if the total exceeds CON, the strangled target dies).

Defences: Undead immunities; ignores non-slashing damage; melee weapons have a 50% chance of adhering to the tarry, muddy skin of a bogman. Roll under STR to get a weapon unstuck.

Vulnerabilities: Flammable skin, but will attempt a bear hug if enflamed.

Hanged Bogman

Criminals in some areas are often hanged and given over to The Bogfather (a dark, petty god of swamps and coal) as a form of eternal punishment. However, sometimes a soul escapes the cool reach of The Bogfather's realm and returns to its body. Preserved in weird ways by the acids of the swamp waters, Hanged Bogmen resemble soggy mummies.

Attacks: Two claw swipes and a spectral noose (one noose at a time; target must make a reflex save to avoid). If it hits with the noose, the noose raises the character high into the air, where they are all but helpless and will soon choke to death, but if two companions jump on the afflicted and hold on for a round, the power of the noose will be broken.

Defenses: Undead immunities; a slashing or piercing attack will release noxious gasses from the Hanged Bogman (save or choke for one round).

Vulnerabilities: Will flee if presented with rope that is from the same coil that lies around their neck.

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