Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Initiative Dice

Messing around with the initiative rules for the KIWF RPG. Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of attack and defence dice for each creature each round, so I don't really see this system getting abused. Here it is in as per the current draft:
At the beginning of a combat round, the Ref will announce the enemies’ apparent intentions. “Charles the vampire attempts to mesmerise Sarasa” and so on. The players then announce their intentions. Every being taking an action (which constitutes something like: a move, quaffing a potion, an attack, readying a conditional action, intoning a spell, etc.) needs to roll an initiative die. If it is at/under their coordination, they will keep acting after this action. If not, they are done this round with the one action (keep in mind your attack and defense pools only get replenished at the beginning of a round). If a determination is needed to see who acts first at any given instant, the one with a lower-numbered initiative goes first (same numbers act simultaneously as possible).
A die may be forfeited from your group’s bloodpool to take a bonus action, provided you then roll it at/under your coordination score.
Outside of your turn on a round you can try something like talk, warn, threaten, taunt, or cajole.

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