Sunday, February 10, 2019

I've made so many little RPGs

Go here to see theses little RPGs
Pictured first is a zoom in on the many, many little RPGs I've made over the years.
Each of them should be set up to allow commentary and typo-hunting by the readership.
They are all written assuming that you know the basics of an RPG.

If you don't want to wait for me to blog about each of these here on KIWFthe ones I think are worth updating and blogging about in the future that is you can troll through the great folder of RPGs Claytonian Made Up any time.

Incidentally, I was thinking of pointing attention to Something Something 2d6 3.0, so I'll wing the stone into that bird too right now.

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I blogged about SS2D6 recently (BTW great insight was made about why we call HP what we do in the comments), but the 3.0 version has no AC system and has actually been play-tested; I ran the players through Tomb of Horrors with it.
They actually survived pretty well, perhaps helped by one of them being a skeleton that didn't die to a lot of the usual stuff (he died anyways) and his infinite ducks and margarettas.

If you spot a typo, you can comment or email me. Claytonian at the gmails.


Sectorbob said...

I like the Rape Goblin Killer game.. I read that manga and thought it was super game-able too. Currently reading Battle through the Heavens prequel The Legend of Yeo Chen. I'm liking the idea of one use pills/potions/etc that give single battle or round abilities that the players can craft if they have the skills and materials. Have to play around with this and see where it goes. Keep on rocking your heart breakers bro :) I always enjoy them :D

Claytonian JP said...

Oh jeeze, I've been meaning to bowdlerize RGK. Like, it fits the tone of the show, but it's pretty gross.

Sectorbob said...

Bowlerize? Make it less sexual? I don't think you would dwell on the "we lost" scenes. That would be kind of damaging to the players mental health. I think knowing things could go really really bad would keep the players on their toes. "If you lose they will kill, rape and eat you...and if you are lucky that's the order it happens in..."