Friday, August 9, 2019

Roll Under? Nah, Brah. Roll Uber!

But actually still roll under.
The problem: Your face. Sorry. No, the actual problem is that rolling a d20 at/under your ability score to do checks and saves is fine occasionally, but not satisfying as a unified mechanic. Think about it: if your score is even slightly low, you'll suck at everything, and if its too high you'll be bored as you wade through all challenges at a leisurely pace.

One solution is to stick to rulings not rules and have roll under being a last resort or bonus opportunity on top of normal competence. "You examine the drawer. You find a jeweled torque and a bedazzled cutoff denim vest. Roll a Wisdom check for me to see if you notice the assassin creeping up on you while you do that."

But today's post is about your mom. No! Not your sweet, sweet mom. I mean, the other solution. You have a percentage chance to do an action. It starts at 60% and goes up by 1% for each point of ability score you have. Simple. You want more competence? Add your level too.

Old school mutation: Your chance is expressed on a d6. Just like the elves get when they walk by secret doors. I like this one a lot, even though it merely masks the problem that is the central conceit of this blarg post.
  • 1/6= Ability score from 3 to 4
  • 2/6= Ability score from 5 to 8
  • 3/6= Ability score from  9 to 12
  • 4/6= Ability score from 13 to 16
  • 5/6= Ability score from  17 to 18
You can express even more competence by giving rerolls, and to account for classes, kindred, or careers. I like to give thieves their percentage scores as a last ditch chance to do something when their ability check says they should fail.

Oh, and feel free to flip these numbers to justify the title of this post. Like I flipped your mom last night, Trebek. 
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bygrinstow said...

*Darrell Hammond Sean Connery laugh*

Good stuff.

Ruprecht said...

It works nicely for low level play and that's how games like Black Hack advertise themselves so apparently they realize that as well.