Monday, January 4, 2021

2d6 Loyalty

Your PC eyes a tough lady in a bar. "Might you be looking for employment?" you say.

She regards you cooly as a bald hobbit rolls some dice. "Mayhap I am. Sure am thirsty though."

"Ah, well,  feel free to buy a drink. I don't imbibe myself."

Well you just missed a social cue. That bald guy was the Dungeon Master. He was rolling 2d6* to see her beginning loyalty. Each time you screw up, that number goes down. Can you guess what happens at zero? Next time, start by buying your henchman a drink.

*: Snake eyes mean they'll rob you at the first opportunity. Boxcars mean they'll follow you fanatically lest you get really murderhoboey.

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