Friday, February 3, 2012

The Wandering Trees hex mapafied

The Wandering Trees is an old adventure from Dungeon Magazine (#67) that I have repurposed for a level 1 DCC Google+ group I run. BTW, we can always consider new players if you are up at 20:30 Japan time.

I like the adventure so far, but it is a bit overcomplicated and ambiguous as presented in the magazine, so I have made a hex grid for it. The original adventure has paths that have a probability of disappearing that was very complex and expressed on a chart with letters and whatnot that takes a bit of time to reference. Instead, I am just going to roll a d6 every time the players encounter a possible path or if they have traveled on a path for long in terms of hexes or time. On a 3 or better, any paths in the area will show up. If they are on a path when they cross a hex, I roll to see if it disappears around them.

You can click the map to zoom in and download it. Also, you can see how we use a shared Google doc to map out the paths the players have already discovered here.

After the adventure is done, I will share my random encounters table with you. But I can't share it where a player might see just yet!


Johnism said...

Were you still looking for any players at all? I live in Western Australia so the time zones match up perfectly. :)

From what I've seen the DCC RPG looks like an amazing game, hoping to run a campaign with some friends of mine once it gets an official release.

Claytonian said...

Sure, just send me your google+ profile's URL. email is claytonian at the gmails.