Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Martial Abilities

I am having a hard time justifying more than one fighting class. With wizards, you have things like schools of magic and esoteric secrets, but even then I feel a bit of a need to have a unique mechanical approach. To that end, I present a couple more possible starting abilities for the Sword for Hire.  Optional starting abilities replace the standard ones, and they are little more character-defining, so the ones you swap out will never be available unless you retrain or something. I haven't decided. Multi-classing rules we've had until now are not that great yet, as far as I've thought about them. Anyways, enjoy these brutal alternative starting abilities:

  • Mow 'em Down: Each time you fell a creature, you may move one pace and attack any one foe within your reach. You can do this once for each level you have.*
  • Favorite of the Gods: At the end of every other combat, you gain a bonus die to attacks that lasts with you until you rest for the day or drop to 0 HP. 
And here is a general ability.
  • Blood is a Social Lubricant: You get an extra die to rolls involving intimidation or getting your way, by hinting at or actually doing horrible things. If you roll three ones while torturing, your victim dies of pain, though.  
* idea credit goes to ACK

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