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Class Rough Draft: Battle Mage

Latest edit: some keywords are gone.

Here's our first supernatural class. It is a "mage" but supernatural classes will usually be open to interpretation at character generation as to where their power comes from (magic, psionics, nature). At first I thought it would be an "exploding die" class, but I'll save that for a later class! Also, here we get so see a few ability attacks with critical effects.

Battle Mage

Battle Mages can be useful to have around... just don't get in their line of fire. Battle Mages draw upon supernatural energies and direct them at foes, often with explosive results that result in friendly fire. But the bigger the hoard, the more crispy the spoils of war as they say.

Goals: Battle Mages often adventure to please their own twisted psyches and enjoy power trips. But as long as they are on the side of good (our side, that is), other adventurers tolerate them. Sometimes battle mages adventure to find the secrets to epic rituals or awesome artifacts.

Bonus Skill die to checks involving: arcana, intimidation, judging distances, throwing, pyrotechnics

Starting abilities:
  • Arcane Potency: When you roll an attack with supernatural and ranged properties, chose a primary target and a number of secondary targets within arm's length of the primary target equal to you current hit dice. You choose the targets, but your allies will be chosen if they are close enough to the primary target and you have nothing else left to choose. Roll your attacks as normal for the primary target, but drop the lowest die of your dice pool when you compare the attack to secondary target(s)'s defenses.
  • Whoops:  Your attacks with supernatural and ranged properties can't be used to subdue; they kill anything, including allies, that they drop to 0 hit points.
  • Flashy Cantrips: You can perform simple magical, psionic, etc. (you choose the flavor at generation) tricks that involve elements of non-damaging pyrotechnics, fire (can start unattended flammable objects aflame), or loud sounds
  • Conveniently Self-proof: Your supernatural attacks do not damage yourself, unless noted otherwise in their description. The same immunity extends to your gear and creatures you hold really close. Other affects of your powers will still affect you too.
  • Energy ball: Attack:Brains versus Dodge. Hit: Choose an energy type from the following list: fire, electric, sonic, radiant. Your attack does your Brains +2 of that energy type of damage to the primary target and your Brains to secondary targets.

2nd level and up abilities:

  • Energy wall: You erect a non-solid energy barrier that is five feet long for every current hit die you have and endures as long as you spend a minor action each round and are in eyesight of it. It is the shape of your choosing (even enclosed), but each side is at least five feet and a straight plane. Things that touch the wall take your Brains in damage. A creature with current hit dice less than your brains finds the pain too intense and will stop trying to progress through the barrier until they spend a minor action to make a Brains check and will their way through the pain.
  • Flaming Missile: Charge a weapon and throw it at a target with 10 feet. Attack: Coordination vs Dodge. Hit: 1d,  Hit or miss: the weapon comes back to you. Crit: The primary target drops a weapon it is wielding.
  • Grenade: You charge a small object, such as a pebble with conspicuous arcane energies and hurl it into battle next to a target you name within 20 feet. The next round on your initiative, it explodes and anyone still near it will take an attack to their Dodge equal to 3d+ your Brains in dice. Creatures it hits take 2d fire/sonic damage and everyone in the area is deafened for one round.
  • Don't. Touch. Me. : Attack: No check. A creature must have you grabbed. You do your Body in damage to offending grabber and anyone else standing next to you. The grabber lets go of you if the damage causes them to loose a hit die.
  • Giant Fist: Attack: Prowess vs Dodge. Hit: 1d kinetic damage and push the target 5 feet for each point of Body you have. Secondary targets are pushed to the side. Critical: The target is knocked prone as well, anatomy willing.
  • Focused blast (encounter): Attack: Coordination vs Dodge (no secondary targets). Hit: 2d.
  • Reckless Strength: Prerequisite: 10th level. Creatures with less hit dice than you are automatically hit by your supernatural ranged. Creatures with less hit dice than you currently have drop to 0 hit points.
  • Satisfying Sizzle: You  may get back an extra hit die each time you reduce a secondary target to 0 hit points with a supernatural attack.
  • Redirect Energy: The first time you would take fire, electricity, or radiant damage in an encounter, instead reduce the damage to 0 and gain a hit die. You may go over your usual limit until the day ends.
  • Chained Energy: Prerequisite: 8th level. Your supernatural attacks with secondary targets may target creatures that are not next to the primary target, but within the same area (room, hall, field).  They still are directed at targets adjacent to the primary target first though.
  • Dimension Tear (encounter): Prerequisite: 6th level.  You choose a target within 20 feet. and place a dimensional tear next to it if you make a successful Brains check. On your turns, you can keep the tear open with a minor action. Unsecured targets that start their turn within 20 feet of the tear must make a Prowess check or lose vitality (that is, take 1d temporary damage). Creatures reduced to 0 HP this way are not dying, but are sucked into the tear, to be lost to time and space. However, they may make a Coordination check to grab another target to stop their movement, and contested Prowess checks to hold on. Grabbed targets not secured down will take the tear's damage and effects as above.
  • I need more cowbell: Focus necessary: a percussion instrument. You do sonic damage equal to your Brains to all creatures within arm's reach. Everyone in the fight is deaf until it ends unless they were burrowing or something.

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