Saturday, January 7, 2012

Alternative ways to deal with 0 hp

Found a fun system for what could happen to you if your hit points drop to 0 at Trollsmyth. Basically, one is not out of the fight at 0hp, but they are pushing their luck. Any time they are hit, 2d6 are rolled and the results compared to a table that has everything from dismemberment to adrenaline surges.

I may come up with a version of my own to put into the alternate rules appendix of Kill It With Fire.

Enjoy the Trollsmyth rules here.

Also, you can easily turn the Trollsmyth post into a pdf. I realized that was a feature sorely lacking from my blog, so I am adding it retroactively to select posts as soon as I figure out how.

EDIT: Figured it out. Turns out I missed the blogger customization options the first time I visited the site that does this. PDFs of all posts for all!

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