Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I've decided to update the rules a bit. The goals are to keep this a quick, simple, yet logical in terms of keeping a shared illusion about how the fantasy world works.

Attacks are now without the +10 bonus. They are 3 dice, plus current amount of hit dice remaining, plus prowess.

On the other hand, Defense got nerfed too! Your defense is now the base defense, plus coordination, plus the current amount of hit dice remaining.

Monsters probably won't have the same rules for PCs as far as base traits are concerned. I'm not going to stat a giant for instance, because the referee can decide with common sense how strong or stupid a giant is in their game. But monster attacks and defenses will also be dependent on current hit dice. Hit the monster first and you have a distinct advantage! Just like when you fight monsters in real life.

Abilities. I don't want abilities to get too numerous, lest we run into type IV edition problems of too many choices. So I'm thinking they will be limited to a new one at 2nd level, and then a new one every other level after that.

I also added some more combat stuff. Ah, combat...

You get an extra die to your attack against a creature if it is currently engaged in melee with someone else. However, if you miss with a ranged attack this way, the attack check is compared to a random target in combat with your intended target. If it hits and it is logically something that could do damage, the hit effects go to the new target(s).

Also, damn, I'm sorry so many misspellings made it in the first time around...

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