Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Class Rough Draft: Sword for Hire

Latest edit: Dropped all keywords save for "(encounter)".

Here's the first class for Kill It With Fire. I think I will only worry about 10 levels in the basic rules (I've also changing the rules so you only get one ability every other level after 2nd to try to avoid some of the problems that I see in fourth edition).  If you are familiar with RPGs, this will be pretty easy to understand. The "encounter" keyword means the ability generally only happens once per fight, and there will be a box to check off on the character sheet for such powers. Otherwise abilities can be used once per round, on your turn, unless indicated otherwise.

Anyways, I'd like to avoid powers that seem like they could be performed by anyone at anytime under GM fiat, so constructive criticism is welcome. Just keep in mind that battle is Theater of the Mind in KIWF.

Sword For Hire
A SFH is always willing to consider a job if the gold is right. Many of them have proven themselves in battle, and are looking for a lifestyle that can satisfy their adiction to adrenaline and riches.

Goals: For most SFHs, there is no other way of life to live; fighting is all they can do anymore. For others, putting together enough money to secure a safe place to retire and start a new life is an ideal to live for.

Bonus Skill die to checks involving: arms, strength, intimidation, street smarts, battle tactics, first aid, mounts, endurance, survival.

Starting abilities:
  • Fierce in combat: As long as you have at least two hit dice left, you get an extra die to your attack rolls and add your prowess to your damage rolls.
  • Not to be ignored: If you get an opportunity to attack outside of your turn, you get an extra attack die.
  • Thrill of Battle: Once per fight you may attack with Prowess vs Dodge. Hit: 1 die. If you manage to take away an enemy hit die with this attack, you may reroll a hit die you have lost today.

Lvl 2 and up abilities (choose one from the list below when leveling, or consult with the referee to make your own):
  • Inner reserves: The first time you would lose a hit die each encounter, roll it again instead. 
  • Sacrificing Strike: You roll attack dice equaling your current hit points and add your prowess bonus vs Dodge. Hit: 2 dice damage and the creatures next you may make an attack on you with one die more than normal. 
  • Unbalancing Strike: Prowess vs Dodge and Toughness. Hit on Dodge: one die damage. Hit on Toughness too: Target is unbalanced, meaning an ally next to it that hasn't acted yet can give up their next action to make a +1d opportunity attack against it now.
  • Demoralizing Strike (encounter) : Prowess vs Dodge. Hit: One die of damage, and if the creature is rendered to 0 hit points, all you sentient opponents must roll under their own Brains score or be shaken and try at the first opportunity to flee the scene. Cornered opponents that cannot flee roll one less die to attack you.
  • Adrenal Potency: If you have all your hit dice, your encounter powers come back each round instead of getting checked off when used. 
  • Defensive Shield: As long as you are wielding one and your armor pips don't exceed 3, your enemies have one less die to roll when making melee attacks against you.
  • Combat Nightmare: Prerequisite- Level 10.  You lose the Fierce in combat ability. Instead, when attacking, you roll an amount of dice equal to your current number of hit dice.
  • Deflective Shield (encounter):  When a ranged attack misses you, you may make a coordination check to redirect that attack towards another target, and the attack is checked for a hit against their defenses.
  • Tempered by Battle: You gain an extra hit die. You may gain this ability one more time in the future when you level up if you so choose.
  • Superior Defensive Stance: If you wield two medium weapons or a medium weapon and a light shield, enemies that surround you don't get an extra die to attack you as usual unless there are more than three of them.
  • Flow of battle:  Prowess vs Dodge: Hit: One die damage. If your target is taken out, you may follow up with an attack using the same roll to an adjacent target (that target doesn't get the option to attack you as usual). 
  • Heartening Defense: When an ally next to you would be struck down by an attack that targets dodge, you may have that attack target you instead. Said ally gets to re-roll a hit die they lost today. 
  • Fierce Barrage: As long as you have more than one hit die you can use this ability. Prowess vs Dodge. Hit: one die damage. Hit or Miss: Followup attack of Prowess vs Toughness. Hit: one die damage.

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