Friday, January 6, 2012

Creature Draft: Slimes

Below is the first, stats-and-all creature of the KIWF RPG. I modeled it on the blob from the 1980s movie of the same name.

I think one of my combat rules for being grabbed will be: If you deal enough damage to make the creature lose a hit die, it lets go of you if the attack would have also hit their wits defense. If the creature is mindless, this may automatically happen, if the referee feels it makes sense.
Cunning Slime
Cunning slimes hunt with patience and at times appear to be sentient, but surely that is just a false impression, right?
Keywords: amorphous, acidic, blind, deaf, mindless
Size: 1 category per HD
Hit Dice: 2-12
Dodge: 9+HD Wits:— Toughness: 8+HD
Vulnerabilities: Fire, radiant, electric, cold damage robs it of a turn but does no damage otherwise
Resistances: Acid, doesn't provoke opportunity actions with attacks, half damage from melee weapons (round down), alien (absent?) mind is invulnerable to mental damage, illusions, etc.
  • Pseudopod-3d+HD vs Dodge. Hit: 1d and  if the slime still has 2HD or more, the target is grabbed until it wins a prowess check on its turn.  People that fail their check take a die of damage.
  • Envelop-Against two melee targets per every 4 HD, 2d+HD vs Dodge and Toughness, grabbed targets' dodge defense is zero. Hit on both: one die of damage and target has to roll 2d on their turn  to escape, drop lowest. If they can't escape on their turn, they take 2d damage that bypasses armor resistance.
  • If a slime reduces an enveloped or grabbed creature to 0 hit points, that creature is absorbed (dies and remains reduced to bones) and the slime re-rolls a lost hit die.

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