Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our First Weapon: Kabuto

As I am envisioning it now, the Kill It With Fire system will have d6s for all damage (barring a optional rules expressed by tables in the addendum). They will also be usable by any class and all get the job done at the same speed. What will set weapons apart from each other is how they crit, their abilities (if any) and how they can be used by a lateral-thinker. Daggers, for instance, can be concealed easier than other weapons and can be used by most anyone for a sneak-attack. A clever player may use a sword buried into the earth as a place to jump from (ala ninja tricks of old).

And then we have this thing.

Kabutos make for surprisingly competent weapons. And I don't even like One Piece before you complain.

Let's stat it! Keep in mind abilities are just suggestions for things to do with weapons. Unlike class abilities, you can negotiate these with your referee at any time.

Heavy Ranged (when thrown as a spear)*/Light Ranged (when the sling section is used)†/Melee
A Kabuto is a combination of javeline and slingshot. It is favored by those who fight mindless corporeal undead.

Zombie Killer: As long as you are not hampered by melee threats from other creatures, you may make a Prowess vs Toughness attack to pin down a creature. If it has the appropriate anatomy, you can make an automatic critical hit on your turn next round.
Stab and Pin: Prowess vs Dodge and Toughness. Hit on Dodge: Damage. Hit on Toughness: Knock the creature down and it is pinned in place, in no position to threaten you until it beats your Prowess to escape. You may make sling attacks with the kabuto while pinning.

Critical hit‡:
If it has the appropriate anatomy, the creature now has a missile right in the brain pan, and should die.
*:Heavy Ranged weapons are effective up to your Prowess in meters.
†:Light Ranged weapons are effective up to your Prowess in meters doubled.
‡:Crit text often mentions anatomy. When all else fails, go with a class ability crit. If you don't have an appropriate one to draw on, the default crit is +1 die per level, but no more than currently remaining hit dice.


Hamel™ said...

Aside from its shape, Usopp/Sogeking's Kabuto looks like kender's hoopak from Dragonlance.

Claytonian said...

Say, that's right! I've never seen one before, though I have a few Dragonlance adventures.