Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carousing 2: Magical Research

Standard Carousing, Religious Sacrifice, and credits are covered here.

These are luck-based results for leveling-up activities that use up gold to make experience points as per the above link. Use the left side of each table if and only if you roll a 1. Use the right side if you make your luck DC. Do nothing but gain experience otherwise.

Magical Research

Intended for mages, wizards, and occultists.

Luck plays a role in all these checks, as we play the DCCRPG. Thus, when you roll a carousing check, you are going to add in your Luck modifier, be it good or bad. If the carousing check comes up as a 15 or better, you get to roll on a good bonus effects table. If you get a 1, you have to roll on a bad side effects table. Each kind of carousing check has it's own table.

If you are carousing with a specific goal in mind, you can skip the table when rolling a 15 or higher and opt for that goal instead (the DM may set a DC of 20 for very hard things, or refuse things beyond your level and background). I'll give some sample goals:
  • Research: figuring out the magical properties of an object, researching how to kill a legendary monster, creating a potion, doing a ritual, creating a spell, communicating with demons, overcoming a curse, learning the true name of something, gaining literacy in a supernatural script
Bad results may possibly be negated by doing further magical research.

Luck fumble results:

Successful luck results:
 If you roll a 0 (considering modifiers), you are afflicted with corruption as well as a result below.

1: You gain a double shadow (curse). The referee secretly rolls and keeps track of the time in d3months that you have until the shadow merges with your own and subsumes you.
2: You glimpse an arcane secret that drives you mad, and you gain an associated derangement (via the system of the referee's choice) but have reckless non-nonchalance towards anything not associated with your derangement.
3: Your flesh starts to slough off and you need to wear bandages and apply unguents to keep it on.
4: You gain a third eye. It can see in the dark, causes you pain in the presence of the holy, and creeps out common folk.
5: By day you are good or lawful. By night, the opposite. You otherwise are as full of levity as before.
6: You have made enemies with a supernatural being. Expect its agents to attack soon!
7. Roll on the minor spell corruption table.
8. Roll on the major spell corruption table.
9. You are marked as a sinner for consorting with the supernatural. Always treat your alignment as the worst possible when a cleric does a lay on hands check.
10. You create a clone. This clone wants to kill you, and it has escaped from your lab!
11. You attract ghosts like the dickens. Whenever you are in a haunted locale, wandering ghost are twice as likely to show up and primarily target you.
12. You create a hole in space time somewhere on your person. It doesn't hurt, but it is unsettling.
13. Your patron abandons you! If you don't have a patron, casting the spell fails as a fumble the first time you attempt it.
14. Cursed! You cannot gain any XP until you find a legendary tome that has the solution to your predicament.
15. Roll on the Magical Mishaps table.
16: You are afflicted with a mutation or derangement. It makes you ugly or flawed somehow. I suggest looking at the flaws from a Whitewolf RPG book...
17: A bad result from one of the below links.
18: You become obsessed with some kind of mad scientist scheme (creating man-bear-pig, etc.) and must spend every other leveling action trying to do something to realize it.
If you roll a natural 20, you are able to create your own dweomer. Work with the referee to figure out the specifics.
1: You can see the auras of other beings for a month.
2: You have a good lead on where to find an ancient artifact, scroll, or weapon.
3: You gain insights concerning a ritual, and know how to cast it.
4: You gain a familiar, or, if you already have one, you current familiar pokevolves.
5: You are on friendly terms with a supernatural entity that you can call on for information once per adventure. It may ask you for favors back from time to time.
6: You gain a secret vulnerability, and can only truly be killed when it is employed. Someone must engage in Magical Study to guess what it is. From now on, you must engage in Magical Study once per level at no experience gained if you want to keep this ability.
7. You gain the audience of a being that can answer one yes-no question. You can try to do fairly cheap magical research with this goal in mind again...
8. Gain incites into the shadow dimension: You take only half damage from shadowy sources.
9. Eureka! You gain an extra spell slot. If rolled again, you get +1 to spell checks with one spell.
10. You gain a psionic power. It gives you a nose bleed each time you use it, which costs 1hp.
11. You can see in between dimensions when they are being disturbed. This makes you able to see certain crazy things...
12. You craft an awesome wand. It adds +1 to your cantrips (you get cantrips) and rituals.
13. You learn a PG-13 Carcosa ritual.
14. You fashion a gate to a magical place where you can adventure if you so please, such as the Isle of the Unknown.
15. Choose a spell of your level or lower from another OSR book. Swap it for a spell you know if you'd like.
16: You gain a mutation. If the game judge agrees that it is not beneficial, they will let you reroll until you get something good.
17: A good result from one of the below links.

Other mishaps here. And the metal! mutations here are pretty good for messing up a wizard.