Monday, November 26, 2012

d12 Table: Funny NPC Voices/Mannerisms

I'm too lazy to make a proper table, but mix and match characteristics on the right with names on the left. Roll 2 d12s if you want. Hey, I linked to a bunch of funny YouTube videos for them all.

1: Michael Cain Falling asleep
2: Dr. Girlfriend Wants to one-up everyone
3: Eccentric English Aristocrat Wants to be punished
4: Sean Connery Tells Yo Mama jokes
5:James Earl Jones Is holding in Gas
6: Christopher Walken Is impatient
7: Street Urchin (go deeper for an adult) Is sycophantic
8: Sara Silverman Sneering
9: Hugh Grant Spaces Out
10: Gollum Thinks everything is quaint
11: Jeremy Irons/Christopher Lloyd Out of breath
12: Orson Wells Sometimes burst into song