Thursday, December 20, 2012

Carcosa-style Rituals for Female Necromancers

So I was given a Secret Santacore assignment: "A series of hideous Carcosa-style dark necromantic rituals designed for a female necromancer."

G+ is a pretty volatile environment for gender issues, so after getting my assignment, I cautiously asked g+: "Hey, uh, what are some things that girls can do that guys can't? Please don't hit me." Based on that, and a few fun hours reviewing Carcosa again, I came up with these rituals.

If you print them into a PDF off google docs they look real slick. And hey, I brought Rlim Shaikorth, the White Worm from Clark Ashton Smith's mythos into your game at no extra cost.

Here's a teaser to tantalize you into clicking through:
The serpent-men, originators of sorcery on Carcossa, learned many ways to use human females in their dark rituals. Eventually these rituals were somehow learned by and perverted to the use of human females themselves, who hold a unique appeal to many entities for their ever so slight symbolic relevance to fecundity.

The following rituals are, for the most part, only available to those of biologically female physiology and body functions. Like the vast majority of rituals, they are distasteful, dangerous, and powerful.
You have to go here to see my crappy illustrations for it though. 

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