Saturday, April 5, 2014

DCC lvl 1 Spell Memorization Effects

+Courtney Campbell Reminded me that I was always meaning to do something with +James Maliszewski's idea about the effects of memorizing a spell have on a wiz. So here's my take, using the core spells of DCC. DCC is probably too crazy already though. But still.

All effects evaporate if you forget a spell. Hey look, I included reverse spells that the book only hints at.

  • Animal Summoning: You have furry features. Go to your happy place and imagine your power animal.
  • Cantrip: Choose something odd to always be happening, like hair floating as if under water, a gnome living in your ear, etc. And you know what? In my campaign you can't forget cantrip.
  • Charm Person: +1d (dice step) to influence people or even jedi-mind trick them.
    • Repel Person: -1d to influence people, but they will be very willing to leave you alone if they can.
  • Chill Touch: Can't enjoy hot coffee. Can cause frostbite if you hold your skin against someone's for a round. Frost palm-sized surfaces.
    • Warm Touch: Can scald if you hold your skin against someone's for a round. Paper will burn in your hands.
  • Choking Cloud: -1d to influence people, as they don't like the miasma that floats about you. You always want your wizard pipe.
    • Refreshing Cloud: Everything near you for a turn will be clean and creatures will feel awake and dandy.
  • Color Spray: Eyes glow with psychedelic colors. They can project the colors like a spotlight if you desire.
  • Comprehend Languages: Use a d16 to try and understand languages just like a thief does. Inject a lot of Sesquipedalian terms, Latin and French into your character's speaking.
    • Befuddle Languages: Everyone must speak weird around you. Pig-latin, yoda-speak, Christopher Walken. Everyone (including PCs) has their own idiolect on top of whatever funny voice they might already have. 
  • Detect Magic: If someone is dweomer crafting (casting) near you, you're gonna get spider sense about it. The bigger the spell the farther you can feel it from.
    • Obfuscate Magic: You seem very boring and mundane. Other memorization effects are canceled.
  • Ekims Mystical Mask: You have a domino mask stuck to your eye area. People have -2d to recognize you, just like in the comics.
  • Enlarge: You are one head's length taller than normal, and can dunk.
    • Ensmall: You are one head's length shorter than normal, and dwarves start to make fun of you.
  • Feather Fall: You can bound like an astronaut on the moon.
    • Stone Fall: Your movement is slowed by 5 feet.
  • Find Familiar: N/A. This spell is obviously a ritual.
  • Flaming Hands: Fingernails exude constant flame that will alight stuff. Have care.
    • Freezing Feet: You can withstand up to -10 degrees celsius with no ill effects. Your boyfriend will be cranky at bedtime.
  • Force Manipulation: Minor telekinesis per 3e Mage Hand.
  • Invoke Patron: N/A (too messy with the potential of multiple patrons).
    • Counter Patron Meddling: Extraplanar creatures avoid you if friendly and attack you if hostile.
  • Magic Missile: +1d to throw items well/far (not for attacks).
    • Magic Shield: +1 to AC
  • Mending: Heal 1HP every hour.
  • Patron Bond: N/A
  • Read Magic: Mystical runes encircle and rotate around your head like a halo.
  • Ropework: Any ropes you have on you lazily grope their way about your person like snakes.
  • Runic Alphabet: Potential runes flit about on your skin/clothes as if something was casting shadows in their shape upon you.
  • Sleep: During non-tense times, you are rather prone to dozing off. Anyone near you has to roll under Luck to resist falling asleep too.
  • Spider Climb: Sticky hands, but not in a way that stops you from casting. Paper and dirt will stick to your palms.
  • Ventriloquism: You, or, if you're not willing, the Judge (yay!) will have a disembodied voice make smart-alec remarks. NPCs will be like "Guh?"
  • Ward Portal: You know instinctively if any given door is stuck or locked. 

Lvl 2 next time!

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