Sunday, March 13, 2022


I'm currently running Tomb of Horrors as a DCC funnel, so good time as any to dust off the FAQ from the old g+ days.


Q: How do you "roll over the body"?

A: Roll a d20. Try to roll your Luck score or lower. That's a Luck check/roll the body roll. Keep in mind zero levels don't get to check; they die at 0HP.

Q: How long is a turn?

A: 10 minutes! Keep this in mind when looking at spell results.

Q: When do PCs level up?

A: Whenever the judge says they do. The RAW recommends leveling to 1, regardless of XP, for any survivors of a funnel. Some people allow leveling in the funnel, on the spot, if a PC makes 10XP.

>Whether you want to have PCs level up instantaneously upon gaining requisite XP or make them wait until they are safe or even make them carouse is a matter of taste.

Q: What is best in life?

A: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.

Q: What's the rule for _____?

A: You are the game judge, so make something up! But later you can find the info hidden by GG in a spell result or something weird like that. DCC, bitches. For instance, invisibility rules hidden in spell and mighty deed descriptions.

Q: Do halflings give 2 Luck to other PCs, or just 1?

A: Two Luck.

Source: Word of god.

Q: What is the deed die added to?

A: All attack rolls and damage rolls. Roll it when first attacking, and don't re-roll it when rolling damage; just add it to your damage total.

>Whether you roll the die more than once for separate attacks in the same round (i.e. after hitting level 5) is kinda moot, but go with whatever is easiest for your players.

Q: Do dwarves get a deed on their shield bash?

A: Probably not, unless they haven't used their deed on their main attack(s). This one is contentious.

There were a few g+ posts about it, but they’re gone now. The Judge will have to make a ruling!

Q: How do I get a Goodman Games forum account to work?

A: send an email to

Q: What's a good funnel?

A: See above, but here is a list of funnels. Haven't heard of a bad funnel yet.

Q: What does one use for a GM's screen?

A: Official ones have been in the wild for a while now. If your question is about customizable screen materials, ask in a general RPG community or at your FLGS. Or Staples.

Q: Can I choose any spell result?

A: Generally, no, you go with the result you rolled. But some spells specifically allow you to choose lower results. Mercurial magic gets into this a bit too.

Q: Where can I buy weird dice?

A: All the places.

You can also use the app Crawlers' Companion from Purple Duck (see community links).

Q: What patrons are out there?

A: Well, that isn't clear at this time (there are many), but modules with new patrons are listed out here (edit if you know new ones):

Q: What happens when you roll a natural 20 on a spell check?

A: Add double your level instead of 1x your level to the spell check total.

Q: How does surprise work?

A: p77 (4th printing) says:

But first, determine surprise. If the characters were not aware of their opponents (or vice versa), they are surprised. Being aware of an opponent means seeing them, making a check to hear them approach, or otherwise noticing them through magical or mundane means. Surprised characters do not act in the first round of combat. After the first round they act normally on their initiative count.

Q: What has been made for this game?

A: Find or add stuff at

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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Zeroth Level DCC PC Macro for Roll20

Nobody will ever use this, but just I think macros are neat. Let's make a PC! And hey, take the plunge and run a funnel in the tomb of horrors like I did. It's a lot of fun.

&{template:default} {{name=**A new gong-farmer emerges**}} {{Str= [[ 3d6 ]] }} {{Agil= [[ 3d6 ]] }} {{Sta= [[ 3d6 ]] }} {{Int= [[ 3d6 ]] }} {{Pers= [[ 3d6 ]] }} {{Luck= [[ 3d6 ]] }} {{Star-sign=[[d30]]}}{{HP=[[d4]] (plus STA mod!)}} {{starting CP=[[5d12]] coins}} {{table 3-4 Misc equip=[[d24]]}} {{Occupation=[[d100]]}}
if you are a demi-human, you have some quirks from the get-go (p21)

Use this and you get something like: 

A new gong-farmer emerges
Str 6
Agil 9
Sta 11
Int 8
Pers 12
Luck 14
HP2 (plus STA mod!)
Starting CP47 coins
Table 3-4 Misc equip13
if you are a demi-human, you have some quirks from the get-go (p21)


Note that you may want to change the macro a bit if you think your players will get confused and think that literally every zero guy is a gong farmer.

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