Sunday, June 30, 2019

Torches, Candles, and Lanterns: a Couple Illuminating Opinions

I've actually been called the worst DM ever based on a torch incident (I asked how they made them when the PCs were shuffled by evil woods to the middle of nowhere, which is apparently so heinous an action that to this day I am stalked on social media by a disgruntled player--I wish this was a joke). But I can't seem to be with Hollywood on this one and am not fond of ever-burning, easily had light sources. I like resource management too much. 

These days, I actually prefer fantasy lighting sources, such as the glowworm solution one of my players, Josh, thought up. You break the back of the worm and it glows like a glow-stick for a few hours. In the future, I'd suggest to players that they might forage for natural light sources like these in the "we didn't bring a light of out own" incident recounted above. Keeps it interesting, gives the PCs a chance to take the responsibility if the players don't know how to make a torch with natural materials, and world-builds (glowing bugs, fungi, and so on). 

Some of the following videos are what I lay the blame on for changing me views on lighting sources. They go as follows: Lindy on indoors use, followed by outdoors use, followed by Shadiversity's take.