Monday, June 20, 2022

d12 You've Found the Last

Ært (my world) is kinda Dying Earth. It's the last æon now. Some things are inspired by Blackmoor. I love the tech being around. I think about that story of the last (musical) organ a lot...

d12things! The last...
1) harmonica
2) unicorn
3) synthetic person
4) waifu pillow
5) starfighter (space-jet)
6) ape doll circa Planet of the Apes æon.
7) idol of Tharzidun 
8) bible
9) vinyl record
10) gobstopper
11) nautilus shell
12) Dominican flag

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Monday, June 6, 2022

My Next Character Steps out of the Shadows: Tyranny of the Archons

There are a couple things I'm a fan of: PC death and quick PC replacement. Anyone that keeps an eye on my folder of free games I make might have noticed I try to make character gen lickitty split fast. But how do these new PCs end up in the dungeon? 

It's the fault of the Archons. These coweled robots are the servertors of Partee, god of high adventure. They roll into a tavern, scan the patrons for likely candidates, and zap them with transport beams. The beams transport hapless souls to dungeons that have a dirth of PCs to challenge them.

It is tradition to try to get along with people who get ported into your midst; to anger the plans of the archons is to risk them transporting you deeper into the underworld. 

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