Wednesday, November 10, 2021

When You End the Session Still in the Megadungeon

Roll 2d6+Hubris. Hubris is the difference between your level and the dungeon level you're on. It is negative if your level is lower. For example, a level 1 PC ends the session on dungeon level 3. They roll 2d6-2.
  • Snake eyes/1 or less: You died, and your possessions  and body were atomized somehow.
  • 2-3 or less: Vaporized body; each item may be somewhere that can be found.
  • 4: Died. Items on body 50% of time. 30% chance of body destruction each day.
  • 5: Kidnapped for ransom or enslavement. Items gone. 50% chance of hobblement.
  • 6: Lost, in need of rescue. One session before you die. 50% chance you are in wilderness.
  • 7: Changed: Mutated, bodysnatchers-ed, maimed, curst, &c.
  • 8: Naked, but alive and out of dungeon.
  • 9: Take a crit. If you live, you get out.
  • 10: Escaped. Make a luck check for each item you have to see if it got lost.
  • 11+: Escaped. Give up one item of your choice.
  • Boxcars: Got out with a random item!

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