Sunday, December 29, 2019

Round Robin, a 1-page RPG with group-done PC generation.

The basic gimmick of round-robin is that you and your friends make each character together, passing the sheets around the table. Resource tracking in the form of TP is important, but if you ever run out of gas or choose to not use it, you can use the dice (2d6+bonus, kinda like Dungeon World but without the fail, suck, success track of that game and more something along the lines of the the ghost die from Star Wars d6. Wait.).

Anyways, it's simple and fast in the good ways and slow in the enriching ways. I hope you like it. It's embedded below, but you can also just visit the google docs link to print it.

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Friday, December 13, 2019

Arduin Artifacts lost to the ages

There were plenty of monster cards given out by Uncle Dave too.

On the MeWe Arduin group, a certain CK posted a list of artifacts without stats. Uncle Hargrave made scads of unique item cards over the years and would dole them out as treasure. My challenge to you: Make these cards for your home campaign. Honor Dave's spirit!
Quoth the CK:
Tonight, I was looking through an old email account and found from 2009 a email listing of an old Arduin gamer( don’t remember who) who was selling  off his collection of Arduin material, including  48 one-of-kind artifact cards keyed by DAH himself!
Unfortunately, the seller didn’t have scans or even the keys on display, so I have no idea what these items did but  I do have the names,
1) Magik Weapon: " The Damned Axe."
2) Magik Weapon: "Shortsword of Grund."
3) Magik Artifact: "Kinadraxian Scale Armor."
4) Magik Weapon: "Runeweaver Crossbow of R'lin."
5) Magik Artifact: "Belt of Inescapable Locating."
6) Magik Weapon: "Vector: Monomolecular Filiment Sword of the Phraint- Argalanthi Wars."
7) Magik Weapon: "Dwarven Clawed Mace: 'Four'"
8) Magik Weapon: "The Wail Flail."
9) Magik Artifact: "The Eating Amulet."
10) Magik Artifact: "Statan's Obsedian Crown."
11) Magik Weapon: "Devil's Balls Scourge."
12) Magik Weapon: "Kothi Priest's Sword."
13) Magik Artifact: "The Boots of Liamand."
14) Magik Artifact: "The Black Tome of Alsophacus."
15) Magik Weapon: "Templar: Sword of the Wu Jen Wars."
16) Magik Artifact: "The Black Skull."
17) Magik Artifact: "The Outlaw's Adornment."
18) Magik Artifact: "Rhyton's Rod."
19) Magik Artifact: "Helm of War."
20) Magik Artifact: "Armor of the Elders."
21) Magik Artifact: "Last remaining deodanth shield from their invasion of Arduin: The Somber Shield."
22) Magik Weapon: "Trelvian Sword."      
23) Magik Artifact: "Madrix's Crystal Ball of Guessing."
24) Magik Weapon: "World Forger Halberd."
25) Magik Weapon: "Kiss of Judas Rapier."
26) Magik Weapon: "Hyperborian Mace: The Bane of Arraddan."
27) Magik Artifact: "The Staff of Black Wizadry."
28) Magik Weapon: "Bellandra's Breast - Succubi Sling"
29) Magik Artifact: "Gauntlets of Fire & Ice."
30) Magik Artifact: "Halfling's Friend Shortsword"
31) Magik Artifact: "Gowns of Aphrodite."
32) Magik Artifact: "Brazier of the Arch-Mage Kleeesaiiick."
33) Magik Weapon: "Winged Javelin: Trelven Reign."
34) Magik Artifact: "Bracers of the Goat."
35) Magik Weapon: "Flametounge Scimitar."
36) Magik Weapon: "Dwarven Battle Axe: Vindicator."
37) Magik Weapon: "Elven Composite Bow: Searcher."
38) Magik Artifact: "Chalice of the Damned."
39) Magik Weapon: "Dagger: Phallus Flayer."
40) Magik Artifact: "Hawk Helm."
41) Magik Weapon: "Poseidonis the Trident of the Sea."
42) Magik Artifact: "The Majextrix' Robes."
43) Magik Weapon: "Gaspard's Blade."
44) Magik Artifact: "The Ring of Ruthlessness."
45) Magik Artifact: "Dragon's Plume Necklace."
46) Magik Artifact: "Doom Fire Wand."
47) Magik Artifact: "The Mirror of All Demons."
48) Magik Weapon: "Ghost Roast Wand."
The seller also mentioned, he had a print of Caliban with additional notes written inside by Dave himself detailing even more about the dungeon that were never published!
Sadly, to add to the heartbreak we all feel as Arduin fans, he even mentioned having original maps, letters, and other original  material written by David that somehow ended up getting lost.