Sunday, January 20, 2019

Murderhobos Mutual Wants You (an RPG)

In the below-embedded google doc, I have started an RPG inspired by Amazon Mutual Wants You as well as the OSR notion about how to fix 0D&D thief abilities: Maybe thieves don't have just 20% to pick a pocket at low levels. Maybe they have a twenty percent chance to succeed anyways where others would fail (in other words, they get a back-up roll). I took this idea and made a little percentiles system and a fun setting.

If you cannot access google docs that have been embedded, the link to it is here. I love it when people correct typos or make "I see what you did there" comments on my google docs. I've made a lot of little heartbreaker RPGs over the years, and intend to start sharing them more here soon.

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