Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1d12 things that could happen when a god dies

Arise Franken-god!

1: 1d14 new gods are born from its ichor.*
2: Killer apotheosizes!
3: The things that the god was in charge of stop working properly. Sure this seems great when you kill the god in charge of death, at first...
4: The god spits out an egg that falls through the planes. It will birth their revenge.
5:  The god splits into several relics or artifacts, spread about the cosmos, but one is right here.
6: Everyone in the heavenly infrastructure gets promoted to fill the divine vacuum (see what I did there, Catholic history buffs? Well here's a video so you can see what I did if you are patient and watch till near the end, keeping vacuums in mind.)
7: Angelic bureaucracy saddles killers with the dead deity's responsibilities. Killers now have servants/wardens that will never let them leave, except for business trips.
8: One of the PCs is revealed to be the secretly progeny of the god, and charged with rebuilding or tearing down its mighty works.
9: The god curses killer with its dying breath. The gods' death curses are the most inviolable ones, so the killer is screwed.
10: The god is reincarnated or rebuilt somewhere. They will be different, maybe even switching from good to evil or vice versa.
11: That was a load-bearing god! All of heaven falls right on you unless you can get out quick.
12: Explosion! Any survivors of the blast will find themselves transfigured into something... more.
*In Greek mythology, Ichor  is the ethereal golden  fluid that is the blood of the gods and/or immortals.