Wednesday, August 10, 2022

ICRPG Gerblin Guns & Funky Flintlocks

This is attempt to patch a glaring hole in the rules of ICRPG, which probably shoulda had two more pages of weapons, one for gerblin gun priests, and another for all the polearms. Ew, my Gygax was sticking out.. We need old fashioned guns, that's for sure!

If you roll a nat 1 with any gun, you have exhasted an ammo slot unless you roll a second 1, in which case there is an explosion.

Trusty flintgerb: only does d6 effort at up to near range. Reload as part of a move.

Bermstick: d8 effort, 2 cartriges, one action reload.

Blerkperder Rerfile: d8 effort, easy to hit far targets, 1d4 rounds reload time.

Of course, there are futuristic ray guns out there somewhere, with better stats.
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Friday, August 5, 2022

Filcho, Drayno, and Wizzo Enter a Bar

I had a sads when I saw how the Twitter algorythm treated my last post. I shouted, “WHAT DID THEY DO TO MY BOY?” Here's a play example to get those rookie numbers up, cuz I’m telling you, the post had some good ideas.

So the titular trio waltz into a watering hole and scope the seats. Filcho and Drayno decide they want to jump into the game of Groat my Gryphon they see at one of the tables, introduce themselves under fake names, and sit down. Meanwhile Wizzo spies a trollop at the bar that doesn’t look too expensive. Oh, you thought Wizzo was a dude and I’m being sexist? Pfft. No, Wizzo is a lady, so that’s on you and thousands of years of patriarchy. 

Filcho and Drayno, rogues that they are, both decide to cheat. Filcho is 3rd level thief, so he has a 3 in 6 chance of thieving. Drayno is a 4th level fighter, and so only has a 1 in 6 chance. Guess who is going to screw this up.

Meanwhile, Wizzo find her hair in her drink right in the middle of a line about how the Gamete Hills are beautiful this time of year. What the hell? She uses her wizard eyes—she’s 2nd level— to try to find out if magic is afoot. She has a 2 in 6 chance. The player rolls a success. Ah, the culprit is a toxically possessive leprechaun on the whore’s lap. “I see you! Time to taste my Ensquirrelating Beam!”

But just then, a brawl breaks out behind Wizzo. Drayno has fumbled his cheating roll. Drayno attacks an angry gambler with his club. The attack doesn’t hit, but the club damage roll is a 1, so Drayno’s player announces that he kicks the table up on its side to give some cover. Filcho wants to do a ambush with his blackjack, and so waits for someone to poke their head around the side. He rolls an attack and hits, but his damage die rolls a 6, so he doesn’t get any extra damage.

Wizzo is like, I just want to get out of here, and runs for the exit. 1 in 6 chance for that, as a wizard. She rolls a 3 though, so someone intercepts her. NO! The DM just had a better idea. Leprechaun chicanery has tied her boot laces together. She takes a pitch forward.

That was round one. Their adventures will continue, but I think I’ve shown how the system can work.
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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Thief-like skills for all

First, the D&D old school thief needs a quick fix. Instead of lousy percentile skills, give the thief a 2 in 6 chance to do thiefy things at first level (non thieves will have a 1 in 6 chance), and raise that chance by 1 for every two levels gained. All “skill” chances for all classes will max out at 5, BTW.

The Fighters and Magicers get skills now too though. They also start with a 2 in x chance (not necessarily 2 in 6, as you will see), and other classes get 1 in x.

Fighter skills are always checked for as part of an attack. When you roll the weapon’s damage (roll it at the same time as yer d20), the die used for that doubles as a skill check (only use the first die in cases where a weapon does multiple dice). The fighter’s player announces what they intend their skill to be after a successful roll. For instance, a called shot is a common skill. A cleave is another. Maybe use an ax to pull away a foe’s shield, making their AC or damage reduction retroactively lower. Basically, if your attack hit, you probably announce some inimical effect on the foe. If not, maybe you do a fancy stunt.

So now low damage weapons are more accurate, if you want to use them.  Incidentally, I would have backstab be allowed to thieves or fighters.

So magic-using guys. I think the game judge can adjudicate whether they are doing is using a class skill or not. A wizard is probably good at spouting lore or alchemy. A cleric probably knows who that demon lord mentioned by the scroll is. 

Maybe use the skills for bending the rules as written for spells. You want to cast hold person on a dragon? Okay, if you make your skill check, it happens. Wanna use Turn Undead on rabbits? Skill check, but only if they are really evil rabbits.

Incidentally, I just found this old post with a similar idea that some wizard wrote. 
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Monday, June 20, 2022

d12 You've Found the Last

Ært (my world) is kinda Dying Earth. It's the last æon now. Some things are inspired by Blackmoor. I love the tech being around. I think about that story of the last (musical) organ a lot...

d12things! The last...
1) harmonica
2) unicorn
3) synthetic person
4) waifu pillow
5) starfighter (space-jet)
6) ape doll circa Planet of the Apes æon.
7) idol of Tharzidun 
8) bible
9) vinyl record
10) gobstopper
11) nautilus shell
12) Dominican flag

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Monday, June 6, 2022

My Next Character Steps out of the Shadows: Tyranny of the Archons

There are a couple things I'm a fan of: PC death and quick PC replacement. Anyone that keeps an eye on my folder of free games I make might have noticed I try to make character gen lickitty split fast. But how do these new PCs end up in the dungeon? 

It's the fault of the Archons. These coweled robots are the servertors of Partee, god of high adventure. They roll into a tavern, scan the patrons for likely candidates, and zap them with transport beams. The beams transport hapless souls to dungeons that have a dirth of PCs to challenge them.

It is tradition to try to get along with people who get ported into your midst; to anger the plans of the archons is to risk them transporting you deeper into the underworld. 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

DCC & FAGE hit boxes

Typing out loud about trying to make combat even faster in DCC. Lessee... 

Let's count damage as hits by counting it in chunks of five. So 1~5dmg= 1 hit, 6~10= 2 hits, &c. 

Group monsters take one or two hits. Like if there are a few bandits, give them two hits, but if there are ten, give them only one. 

Solo monsters can take HP/10 hits if they have listed HP, or 1 to 3 hits per HD. Give high AC monsters fewer hits, and low AC ones up to three. 

Let's pull a couple monsters out of the book and consider them as solos: 
  • An Elder Brain has 10HD and AC 16. The AC is slightly high, so two hits per HD=20 hits. 
  • A Giant Centipede has 3HD and AC 14. Also, it has a cool poison type, so you want to see it bite at least one PC. Three hits per HD= 9 hits.
Lately I'm running FAGE. Would this work for that? I think so. Lots of Fantasy age monsters take one or two points of damage from a weak hit though, due to the nature of soak armor in that game. Now that I think about it, all HP is divisible by 5 in that game, so each monster can take HP/5 hits. Easy, but better for solos and the like as your standard goblin will take 3 hits, so for true goblin cannon fodder flavor, use the group monsters idea outlined above.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

A Calabraxis Curio

I recently ran across this. It was my pitch to Goodman et. al. for a design contest. They went with another fella's work, but I believed I had something special and so published it. It's Platinum on DTRPG, last I checked, so good call, I guess. I coulda pushed the time-reconstruction aspect more. Ah well, goals for the future. 

pitch follows...

Gentle Judges,

I have put together a map that I feel will be quite fun, and while filled with puzzles and danger, won't be terribly taxing on the players. The basic premise is that this map is of the secret cave-keep of a long-gone wizard who created devious devices to manipulate life and time. In true Appendix N style,things that make appearances include Conan-esque ape-men which have been subtly altered by a machine, ancient and forgotten technology in a mining machine that floods minds with schematics, and even androids.

The basic hook is that ape-men, having been granted cunning and robbed of emotions by an ancient mining machine, have been terrorizing the area lately. Of course, the PCs may ignore that, but they could also find a map to this place somewhere else. In any case, the machine is unrelated to the true secrets of the area, which have been virtually undisturbed for hundreds of years.

One interesting experiment-puzzle that I found myself creating was that of the window with lozenge-shaped panes. If triangle-pieces are arranged and placed within the panes into the shape of an animal, and supernatural illumination (provided by one of the treasures later in the module) shined through the window, then the shadow of the animal shape will transform those whom it falls upon.

The true treasure of this adventure is the pendant guarded by The Observer (the creature illustrated with eyes on its back in the original map fragment you provided). The pendant gives one the ability to travel back in time (in a rather Ebenezer Scrooge-type fashion), but the beast's eyes can see across time, and its bite hurts no matter when you are. Here are its stats:

The Observer: Init+4; Atk charge and gore +2 and a d5 action die melee (1d6+action die; if action die is 3 or more the target is gored  or pinned on a horn for 1d4 more damage); AC 17; HD 5d6+2; MV 40’ (can walk on walls); Act 2d16; SV Fort+3; Ref+3; Will +1; AL N. The observer’s eyes can see across time, and its attacks will hurt even time-traveling shades!

You will find attached a map for these scenes, secret and treacherous passages, as well as a conception of a vault-guarding monster. Because the adventure has a time-travel device, players can explore the dungeon in more than one state. Ancient books, paths, and residents will be restored. For instance, one could conceivably talk to a skull thanks to the magic dais in the room with columns and then travel back in time to actually observe the owner of that skull as a living being. 

To seed the adventure with mystery and paradox, the ancient remains of some of the adventurers could even be found! Imagine the horror of talking to your own skull. Can you avoid your fate? Only the Judge knows!

I’ve actually started stocking the rooms. Each one has basic information on the attached document. If this disqualifies me from the contest, so be it. But I feel it’s worth the risk as a mere elevator pitch can’t convey the simple truth: this is a good dungeon, even in draft form. That’s how I feel, at least. In any case, the map is at the top of the attached document, and I trust that you will at least look that over.

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