Friday, May 24, 2024

Old School Fast 5e

I may try to advertise a 5e game the next time our Discord runs shallow. Behind the screen, I'd probably give monsters hits equal to their HD, less the PCs' average level (1 on damage=I don't let a killing blow happen with this strike).

Species allowed: Human, Elf, Half-elf, Kenku, Cyclops (Goliath), Dwarf.

Classes allowed: wizard, thief, barbarian, fighter, cleric.

Generation method: 4d6d1 down the line on Roll20, with all players witnessing your rolls. You see your stats and choose a species/background/class that will compliment them.

No feats. Take ability score increases. You wanna cleave or something, go for a gambit (roll with disadvantage or take consequence on failure). 

Can spend HP on rolls, including damage rolls.

1XP if you attend a session. [LVL to be gained]XP to level up (resets to 0). You have to spend a month in civilization to gain any level benefits before you jump back into adventuring.

d6 vs d6 group initiative. Match= simultaneous. Someone can spend HP to raise your side's roll.

Roll area/monster difficulty or better to intone your spell well enough to cast it this round. Awesome stuff if you roll a 20. 1 is a fumble.

No money survives carousing between adventures, so spend your treasure as soon as you get back into town. On the other hand, we shall hand-wave all room and board fees.

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