Monday, May 13, 2024

d12 Enveloped in your Prismatic Embrace

When the living prismatic misfired spell or swarm of rainbow bats or spectrum ghost gives you a rainbow hug, roll an explosive d12 (GM decides any particulars about damage amount and save difficulties):

1: Fiery red damage.
2: Acidic orange damage.
3: Electro-yellow damage.
4: Poisonous green assault; save vs death-poison.
5: Stony blue assault; save vs turning to stone.
6: Indigo Insanity assault; save vs mania.
7: Violet Dimension assault; save vs dimensional displacement.
8: Ultraviolet Violence assault; everyone has to save each round for d6 rounds to resist the temptation to mindlessly attack you.
9: Sonic Chartreuse damage.
10: Radioactive Infrared damage (permanent damage, only heal-able after a Cure Disease is cast on you).
11: Unleveling Ulfire assault; save vs losing levels.
12: Roll again twice (these both are explosive rolls too).  

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