Saturday, April 27, 2024

DCC House-rules

Well, as happens so often, my players have ended up playing DCC again. I've posted DCC houserules before, but that was years back. Have a look at the new hotness.
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Ability/skill checks
Roll a d20 action die if you have an average or sucky score. If you have a 13 to 15, roll a d24 instead, and if you have a 16-17, roll a d30. D36 if you have an 18 in your score.

If you have a relevant background or species to the task, add your HD to the ability-skill roll.

Star sign: Everyone has a not-Luck based star sign. If you do a thing related to the star-sign, roll a +1 size bigger die, up to a d36.

Spell acquisition not guaranteed. Half the time the party will be searching for a spell rumor, then following its indications, then questing to learn how to actually cast found spells. The wizard will die at some point in this process…

To hit, roll your class HD with your action die. If you hit, you have already rolled the HD and dealt that amount of damage. Once the warrior or dwarf hits a level where their deed die would exceed a d12, they get to use it!

This means weapons are flavor, but, I got some concessions: Two handed weapons roll action die+2d𝓍kh1 (𝓍=HD size and kh1=keep highest 1) if you are kind enough to include it in your macro, but are slower too, so treated as if the HD doesn't exist for the initiative roll written below; one light weapon lets you roll with a DEX action die instead of STR.

Initiative goes to the entity that rolls higher to hit. Two versus one? Still goes to the highest guy of the three.

No Luck burn on level up HD rolls. You may burn d6 real Luck to reroll it tho.

We have an alternative to mercurial magic. Faster, simpler magic.

Please roll and record your spell-manifestation for use every time.

Spellburn always makes your spell happen last and you have to roll on the spellburn table. If someone hits you, you can’t cast until the next round at the earliest.

We use Lankhmarese fleeting luck rules. So don't roll until we're sure it's worth luck flux.

If a cleric is not present, we can use Lankhmar drunk heals too.

Help Finish someone’s quest? You level up if you were in the final session of that quest. If you are under-leveled, you gain 1.5 levels to help you catch up.

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