Monday, August 10, 2020

Double Ds for Doors and Dungeon Crawling

I love my d6 in a d6. It's so easy to find in my box of weird dice and very handy. I've previously shared a table for d66 things in pockets. Here's how to use a couple d6 for doors and wandering encounter tables. I recommend using the PDF and Print buttons I've added to each post here at KIWF, or better yet, writing these down in your DM notebook of doom and adjusting it to your taste.

2d6 what's up with this door? 2d6 encounters and occurrences
Dice match:
  • ⚀⚀: trapped
  • ⚁⚁: loud or creaky or screamer fungi will be disturbed
  • ⚂⚂: slimy or unpleasant
  • ⚃⚃: rigged to show passage (hair taped to frame) or to make an alarm ring
  • ⚄⚄: locked (33% of keys for locks are items from a previous room [get that statue's arm to shake this knob], 33% are on wandering monster's person or in their cache, and the rest are lost)
  • ⚅⚅: odd; mimic, portal &ct
Dice are one number apart:
     Rusted, Jammed, or Blocked from the other side like in so many video games
Dice add to seven
     Random encounter is hanging out just beyond this door.

Dice are random (not any of the above)
Normal door, no problem. Still, ask about who is in the front or back of the line to keep that tension taut

Dice match:
     Encounter happens with at least rolled number of enemies. Roll a yes/no die; if yes, total the 2d6 together, if no, go with the number they matched on (i.e. two 1s and a no would mean one monster).

Dice are one number apart:
     Spoor (tracks, sounds, &ct of some monster that wanders these environs)

Dice add to seven:
     Something is up, so roll 2d6 again and total them.
  • 2: Wandering Boss!
  • 3: Bodily need: 1 character is struck with either hunger, a need to sit down and rest, or must use the bathroom
  • 4~10: Fuel source is sputtering out and needs to be replaced within a minute (use a 3 result instead if this result seems to be too soon)
  • 11: Wandering neutral party; an austral merchant perhaps
  • 12: Wandering god (I recommend pulling out Judges Guild's Unknown Gods)

Dice are random:
     Nothing, but you should furrow your brow, ask a player their Int score, &ct