Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tizune Thane's Mirrors Revisisted

In a previous post, I asked what Dear Reader would put in the magic mirrors of Tizune Thane from White Dwarf Magazine's golden age. Why did that guy only write two things and die?! So, since then, I had the players visit the room and enter one of the mirrors. It lead to the Hackmaster 4e take on Beyond the Crystal Cave. Casually sexist module. Do regret. Also, it took a long time and that interfered with our Ultimate Drop-in Setting.

The UDS is built around the fact that people that can come to play on Friday nights on Discord with me often have to be absent and so cannot enjoy traditional adventures that take more than a couple sessions. Since we play around two to three hours, it often takes months to do a traditional adventure. Also, we have to be open to new players coming and old ones getting things like new jobs that prevent them from coming again for years IRL time. Thus, the UDS is a megadungeon riddled area because there is very little plot to follow. BTW email me at the address below to join our games. We have fanslations of Japanese RPGs and dank gamer memes.

The UDS is host to Rockheck (Stonehell), Tegel village (our hub), Tegel Manor, and the great Shremlane Forest hexcrawl. Down to the south is Cali town and Tizune Thane's caldera.

So yeah, we tried an adventure, and it was pretty epic, despite the faults of the module, but not a single player saw all of it. So I'm approaching the mirrors again. Here's the list of what can now be seen in the mirrors:

  1. The statue in the ruins of the box canyon to Stonehell. You see a statue kneeling amidst ruins, it's helm doffed and sitting at the base. The roof has long-since fallen away, and you can see a cliff with caves in the background.
  2. Area 23 of Stonehell 1A. You see in the dimness of a stone room a great stone dial with strange glyphs carved into it.
  3. Darksun's Tyre. You see a step-pyramid of rainbow hues and a great, walled city.
  4. Area 38 of Stonehell 2C. You see a dingy room with a black puddle on the floor.
  5. Baba-yaga's hut in Shremlane. This would be my greatest hits take on the old TSR module. A forest. You see a hut in the woods. It seems to be supported by stilts.
  6. The hermitage in the south east of Tegel Manor. You see a structure. It seems impressively sized, but there seems to be an even bigger house behind it, complete with a couple towers.
  7. Cave F of underground level 3 of Tegel Manor. You see dark caves. The ceiling is host to many bats.
  8. The governor's hut in Operation Unfathomable. He'll give the party the mission.  You see an ugly dude sitting on an officious chair, consulting with some weird old man that has a beehive for a hat.

I got a few ideas for mirror updates. Maybe a visit to Mike's Dungeon. Maybe The Tomb of Horrors. Thracia's ruins. Anomalous Subsurface Environment. The City of Carse. Lankhmar...

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