Sunday, January 29, 2017

d30 Monstrous Tricks and Combination Monsters

I took a list of ideas from the Grayhawk supplement and numbered them to facilitate peopling adventures. Lots of Balrogs out there. Any typos that remain are probably Gary Gygax's fault.
  1. Oxen which are cross-bred with Gorgons.
  2. Small lizards which are able to breath fire.
  3. Creatures which grow to huge size if approached too closely.
  4. Animals which turn to some horrid monster if touched.
  5. A giant with faces or multiple heads which can never be surprised, and with four additional eyes is able to see invisible and hidden objects and co-ordinate no less than two attacks per melee round.
  6. Giants known as "Rock Giants" which so closely resemble stone that they can be detected seldom (1 in 12 is a good percentage).
  7. Fire-resistant mummies. Many players will get used to frying these monsters with oil. But watch the fun when they run into one of these critters!
  8. Skeletons who are able to hurl their finger joints as if they were magic arrows.
  9. Monsters which are in endless supply due to a magical point of origin. "Greyhawk" had a fountain on its second level which issued endless numbers of snakes.
  10. Containers which are filled with a gas or liquid which turns into a monster if the gas or liquid is dispensed.
  11. A Medusa riding a Gorgon.
  12. A Medusa who has a pet Basilisk and a pet Cockatrice.
  13. A Balrog riding a Red Dragon.
  14. A Balrog with Salamanders as servants.
  15. A Balrog with a pet fire-breathing Hydra.
  16. A Frost Giant riding a White Dragon.
  17. A Troll with a magic spear riding a Purple Worm.
  18. A Lord with magical arms and armor riding a Wyvern.
  19. An Ogre-Mage mounted upon a Manticore.
  20. An Evil High Priest riding a Chimera.
  21. Hero/Warlock Elves mounted upon Lammasu.
  22. Thieves with Bugbear guards.
  23. A Cloud Giant riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  24. A Wizard with a pack of Hell Hounds.
  25. Mars mounted upon Talos' shoulders.
  26. An Ogre Jelly monster which appears to be a mere Ogre, but. . .
  27. A Snake which is actually Grey Oooze.
  28. A Giant Spider-like Black Pudding.
  29. A Symbiotic Dragon which spits Ochre Jelly, Black Pudding, etc.
  30. A seemingly Golden Dragon which is actually mobile Yellow mold. 

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