Thursday, February 22, 2024

Pregens are an art-form. Meet Bosclori

So, in an effort to get more interest in my achiest heartbreaker RPG, Crypts & Cryts, I have been working on pregens to get kids new to the system up an running fast. The secret to a good pre-gen is consisely baking the rules into them as best you can. So I put little snippets of info here and there. This sheet even introduces the core mechanic by having you roll a weird die to get a horse.

Another thing is the pregens don't have any backgrounds from our chart, so they will feel unique if they join a party mid campaign. Since Bosclori here is a dwarf, I added little bit of world-building; dwarves have children in a very unique way.

If you want to get into Cry&Cry, please send a SASE to the link below.

Or shoot me a request at the below gmail or even my Blusky to ask to be in my Discord server and actually play this crazy thing!

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Sunday, February 4, 2024

Teeny tinly adventure generator


So, I've been working on a little RPG, as I often do, when I'm not fanslating JTRPGs. I'll link it below. But anyway, put a little adventure generator into it. Thought I'd share that to inspire you.

3d6s    Go to                Threat                       Why

1    underworld             human/iod                retrieve/filch

2    fane/manse             beast/men                enshrine/replace

3    foreign land            demons                    escort/catalog

4    city/hamlet             aberrants                  kill/seal away

5    tower/fort               creations                  report/spy

6    roll twice                roll twice                 roll twice

The DM chooses any details, including which of the Why results or even both of them. 

Then the DM rolls a twist secretly from the following on a d6: 1) betrayal, 2) red herring, 3) rivals, 4) god machinations, 5) destination is not final part of journey, 6) roll twice, but if you roll any more sixes, there is no twist.

A few rolls on that later and I had envisioned a mission for the PCs to escort a vestal virgin's holy entourage to enshrine the Egg of Cooter within a temple a few days away, but the twist is that other people from the caravan are going missing each night, and the virgin is a false suspect. 

Link to the little devil of an RPG itself: Blessed with Dungeons.

Share good posts with good goblins. Claytonian at the gmails.