Thursday, July 8, 2021

d66 Loot the Body (refurbished)

d66 things in this unlucky stiff's pockets

This post is getting remade. Tweaked a little, but mostly being redone so you can read it on a mobile device without having to substitute one of Venca's eyes for your own.

When you loot a body, first roll a d66% for location on the body where this dude kept their good stuff: 11~34: Purse 
35~41: Inner vest pocket 
42~51: Boot 
52~56: Hat 
61~66: Britches. 

Second, roll a brace of sixers. I have some sub-tables for the items marked with *.
11 1d4 rations                                                    
12 PC level in copper*                                         
13 PC level ×1d6! (exploding d6) copper*                   
14 PC level in copper, one silver*                    
15 PC level in silver*                                    
16 PC level ×1d6! (exploding d6) gold*
Coinage sub-table (1d66): 11~34: shmeckles, 35~41: CHUD currency, 42~44: devil lucre (blasphema franca), 45~51: obols (good for deals with Charon, so maybe leave a couple for this poor stiff?), 52~54: coin of the next realm/kingdom over, 55~56: coins from the future, where one of the PC's royal visage has been minted, 61~66:1990s USA currency (pennies, nickles and quarters).
21 a statuette*
22 a bonito log 
23 a lump of purest green    
24 a robot's battery
25  a map to a dungeon
26  a Tijuana bible
Statuettes sub-table (1d8): 1) cat god; 2) unknown woman; 3) eldritch entity (sanity check!); 4) a member amongst the PCs!; 5) an unknown gods god, preferably a known one; 6) a pontiff; 7) a king, 8) duck on top, key on bottom

Statuettes sub-sub-table of materials (d10): 1) dolomite, 2) gold, 3) pewter, 4) lead, 5) wood, 6) crudely carved wood, 7) wax, 8) copper, 9) brass, 10) melted coins
31 a fan with a faction symbol
32 a very small "shower" spell scroll
33 someone (known)'s undies
34 an I.O.U. from "Big Paula"
35 a deed to Tegel Manor
36 scrip: a demon's secret name
41 an ear and a lizard 
42 a wand (might backfire)
43 a hymnal
44 a kung-fu manual
45 a prophylactic 
46 matryoshka dolls
51 faerie in a jar
52 oil lamp (empty)
53 jewelry* 
54 a key
55 a court summons
56 spool of thread  
Jewelry sub-table (1d12)(roll a d6×10×danger of acquisition to find monetary value): 1) earring, 2) earrings, 3) eye-patch, 4) nose-ring, 5) necklace, 6) torque, 7) diadem, 8) sheriff's badge, 9) rapper's grill, 10) blinged knuckle-dusters, 11) codpiece, 12) a band (a ring).
61 letter from this dude's love
62 intercepted scandalous missive
63 note on where a cult is meeting next
64 a monogrammed handkerchief
65 letter written in PCs own hand?!
66 last will & testament of "Bad Bob"

Hey, maybe the players discover something before they even get to that pocket.

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