Friday, August 28, 2015

Deck of Many DCCisms

Recently a coworker gave me his old 3e core books. I don't like 3e at all, but I have to admit, the DMG of any edition has fun things for me to think about. Someone requested a DCC Deck of Many Things. Turns out there aren't many results on the 3e version of it, so I glanced over it, got ideas, and condensed them to 14 results. And since we are talking DCC, you could just roll a d14...

In any case, I'd probably have the deck only allow drawing of one card per PC (exceptions in the result).
  • Ace: I saw the sign!
    • Your star sign changes. Roll it. And yes, it can mean bad luck for you if you currently have a negative modifier. If anyone draws from the deck after you, their star sign changes too, but if they happen to draw an ace as well, they get to choose what it changes to.
  • Deuce: Two lumps are better than one. 
    • Grow a second head. Roll its Intelligence and Personality. It has a fifty percent chance of being a wizard or a cleric. If you have a mercurial magic effect that grows extra heads or faces, you instead lose that and roll a new effect.
  • Trey: Three alignments, or was it four?
    • Change alignment to opposite of party cleric (or most powerful party cleric). If they are neutral, you become militant-neutral, which is the opposite of neutral and requires you to create stratagems to take down Chaos and Law at the same time.
  • Four: Forlorn Forty
    • You are transported 40 miles beneath the earth, in a forlorn encystment, insensate and preserved against death. This is permanent, but who knows, maybe your party can save you.  If they do, you come back with one psionic power and some groovy stories.
  • Five: Glory or Guts
    • You now roll a d16 for saving rolls, but have +1d to crits
  • Six: Lucky to be alive (check your Luck mod)
    • If positive, Pass any Roll the Body check... once per positive luck mod you have right now. You must choose to do this instead of rolling before you would roll. 
    • If your Luck mod is currently negative, make a DC 15 Fort save vs death!
  • Seven:  The Hellish Hunt (check your privilege, er alignment)
    • If not Chaotic, The court of chaos has chosen you as a target of a great hunt
    • If you are Chaotic, they will send you a quest you daren't refuse. Or just summon you for their namesake adventure.
  • Eight:  Kick the puppy
    • Lose a level, change all your hit-dice to one size larger than they were, kick any nearby halflings, and draw again.
  • Nine: Tempting choices (choose one)
    •  gain a level by defeating the next monster(s) you see on your own
    • gain a signature deed with one weapon (and a deed die for that deed as a Warrior of your level)
    • Draw three more cards, know what they will do, and discard one of them
  • Ten: Materialism is magic (choose one)
    • a completely random melee weapon of magical nature is rolled up and pops into your hand
    • a completely random spell of random casting level appears in your mouth
    • an odd magical item the judge has always wanted to introduce pops into your pants
  • Knave:  I have a cunning plan (choose one)
    • Gain +2 to one ability score
    • Gain +4 to one thieving ability, which you may burn luck on like a thief to boot
  • Queen:  We are not amused (choose one)
    • All magic items on your person turn into wood
    • You lose your soul (you still function but have -1d to Will until you find it)
  • King: It's good to be the king (gain one)
    • Gain a fief and 2d30 loyal henchmen
    • Or inherit Tegel Manor if your judge has that
  • Joker:  Don't monkey around with fate
    • You gain 1d4 wishes, each of which has a 1d3rd chance monkey's paw type unintended effects
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