Monday, June 20, 2022

d12 You've Found the Last

Ært (my world) is kinda Dying Earth. It's the last æon now. Some things are inspired by Blackmoor. I love the tech being around. I think about that story of the last (musical) organ a lot...

d12things! The last...
1) harmonica
2) unicorn
3) synthetic person
4) waifu pillow
5) starfighter (space-jet)
6) ape doll circa Planet of the Apes æon.
7) idol of Tharzidun 
8) bible
9) vinyl record
10) gobstopper
11) nautilus shell
12) Dominican flag

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1 comment:

Tamás Illés said...

Roll 3d6 for waifu pillow's Charisma.