Thursday, November 10, 2022

Naw, 2d6, Blam!

Yesterday's post was written by a dullard, a real skimbōn. Here's a better OSE/Lamentables/B/X check system. For awesome people, not nerds.

Roll 2d6+ability mod+skill points, aim for 10 or more to succeed. Snake eyes always fail.
Example: Percy searches a room for secret boudoirs. She has 1 skill point for finding doors, but a -1 Wis mod. 2d6+0 rolled, five is the total, and that's a fail.

Yeah, we can do success at a cost on 7~9, rolledbydapocanerds. Geeze.

This system should keep specialists relevant. And it keeps the snake eyes rule for hyper-competent skillsmen. 

Traveler uses target 8. Maybe this is a not too hard, not too easy number?
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Kyana said...

What about 9? It is on the very edge of 2d6 average, but slightly more forgiving than 10.

Claytonian said...

Wisdom in this!