Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Rules and an update: Rolls Contested and Harsh

This post was recently edited; please note the rules change if you are the non-extant persons playing this game.

KIWF rules stuff this post.

Contested Rolls: For contested rolls, where two people want to do something, have each person roll one die for each pip they have in the appropriate trait. Each person nets a success for rolling at their pips or under for that trait. Re-roll ties.

Initiative will be decided by contested rolls too. This is a change from the earlier rules that will be retroactively edited into them.

Example: Orr the Caller of Squamous Things is in a race with Filgreese, Long of Beard to get to the top of a chasm and claim some booty. They both roll a die for each pip they have in their Prowess trait, as this trait represents the athleticism they will need to make the climb. 
Orr has 3 pips and rolls 3 dice resulting in rolls of 1, 3, and 5, getting a total of 2 successful rolls. Filgreese has 2 pips and rolls 2 dice resulting in a 5 and 6, thus getting a total of 0 successes. Orr wins and reaches the top first.

Later a sore Filgreese challenges Orr to a drinking contest. They roll a die for each pip in their Body trait to see who is the last man standing.

Optional Rule: Difficult and Extraordinary Checks: Sometimes the referee may determine that a challenge is particularly devious or requires doing well over an extended period of time. In such situations, the player must make the check twice or more and succeed each time.

Example: Shreva of His Dark Purview is trying to create an artificial man using the knowledge she gleamed from an accursed tome. The referee has her player make one Brains check every day for three days (in game time). She gets an extra die for each roll because she has a special regent listed in the ritual's description.

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