Monday, April 2, 2012

Carousing 3: Training

Carousing continues! It's not really carousing again but who cares as long as you get to turn gold into XP?!
Carousing carousing, holy sacrifice carousing, and arcane carousing can be found here and here

Some may prefer a more logical way to level up than partying like Conan. So here is a table for leveling up via training for both militaristic and skullduggery types. Results are luck based. If you pass, good result, if you fumble (roll a 1), bad result. Natural 20s net a bonus success before the results!

Training is probably appropriate for rogues, thieves, fighters, monks and so on, but anyone can find a master in their field for the right gold.


Luck check fumble results:
Successful (DC 15) Luck check results:
1:You suffer an accident and lose an eye. If you get this result again, you are simply scared somewhere.
2: Trained too hard. You gain two strength points but lose a point of stamina.
3:Your martial might has caught the attention of the gods. A monster will show up to challenge you to single combat soon.
4: You lose a hand, but now have a wicked hook and intimidation rolls are easier for you.
5: You accidentally kill your master! Now all his other pupils are after you.
6:Your master is killed and his secret technique scroll is stolen by a fellow pupil. Master begs you to hunt the dude down with his dying breath.
7: You are seduced by the master, and become a target for their enemies.
8: Your master is less wise than they appear. Only half-XP for this training action!
9: Master has convinced you that you need to do a legendary task before you can gain anymore XP.
10: Your skill angers your fellow pupils. They gang up and attack you one night at the dojo. +1 Stamina if you survive.
If you roll a natural 20, you come out of the experience in such good shape that you have 10 extra luck to burn on any combat or damage rolls during the next adventure (once you burn them, they are gone). Also, 50% more experience. Then check below.

1:Expert advice: You can re-roll a number failed checks equal to your intelligence modifier during the next adventure.
2: You gain a rep around the training grounds. Social interactions among your kind are easier for a while.
3: Extra credit: You gain training in a background that you can narratively justify and will help you with appropriate skill checks.
4: You got groupies. They want to have your baby. You can have a baby. Or 1d3 of them.
5:You win the regionals! People in town think you are awesome and offer you the first round free etc.
6: The master is impressed by you grasshopper. He teaches a technique so secret that it disappears from your mind after using it. The next time you wanna attempt a death-touch, let the DM know.
7: Fists of iron. Brawling damage from you goes up a step on the die chain.

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