Friday, May 3, 2013

These Help Me DM on the Fly

See these folders? They all have picture files to help me pull random stuff out of nowhere. And then I usually play online and can screen-share with the PCs' players.

When I need a random monster, I turn to my encounters folder, which has a 1,001 pictures of monsters. Some banal encounters too!

When the players want to hexcrawl, I got images for that too.

Dressing is the folder I fill with odd underworld locations. Crazy rooms and decor.

I still usually use my MMoA catalog for treasure though.

The images for these folders usually come from my tumblr.

Now my question for any Mac geniuses out there: Does anyone know how to automate a process to open a random file in a folder? That would rock.

EDIT: +Ed Heil  has come up with the best solution so far. I just punch one of these lines into my Console app:
ruby -e 'system("open", Dir[ENV["HOME"]+"/Desktop/Encounters/*"].choice)'

ruby -e 'system("open", Dir[ENV["HOME"]+"/Desktop/hexcrawl/*"].choice)'

ruby -e 'system("open", Dir[ENV["HOME"]+"/Desktop/dressing/*"].choice)'

ruby -e 'system("open", Dir[ENV["HOME"]+"/Desktop/treasure/*"].choice)'

If you end up trying this and it doesn't work for you, you might be able to do it by substituting the word "sample" for choice.

In any case, those lines are easy to pop individually into a shellscript in Automator. Saved as apps, these things are now just a double click away from providing me with goodies.
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