Sunday, August 18, 2013

Death Frost Doom Isometric Map

I shared this a while back in the G+ community for LotFP, but here is an isometric map of DFD, perfect for Roll20. Almost all the rooms are there, just in different places. One set of crypts is in the shape of the evil sign. I think I relocated the evil sign to the door to room 2. Click to embiggen.

As for plot, I still had a plant hanging down blocking the way to the giant skeleton room, but it does not sussurate. Instead, there is an ancient old man that ceaselessly pipes away on a flute in 21. He has an extra flute in his coat and will offer it while still playing. Any player that takes it up is cursed to play until a new flautist comes. The dead get real cranky if their music is turned off.

I made the vampire into a seductress. In my campaign, the PCs for the most part joined her and then she took them with her to be lich kings in the new undead empire.

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