Wednesday, August 10, 2022

ICRPG Gerblin Guns & Funky Flintlocks

This is attempt to patch a glaring hole in the rules of ICRPG, which probably shoulda had two more pages of weapons, one for gerblin gun priests, and another for all the polearms. Ew, my Gygax was sticking out.. We need old fashioned guns, that's for sure!

If you roll a nat 1 with any gun, you have exhasted an ammo slot unless you roll a second 1, in which case there is an explosion.

Trusty flintgerb: only does d6 effort at up to near range. Reload as part of a move.

Bermstick: d8 effort, 2 cartriges, one action reload.

Blerkperder Rerfile: d8 effort, easy to hit far targets, 1d4 rounds reload time.

Of course, there are futuristic ray guns out there somewhere, with better stats.
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Deadtreenoshelter said...

Don't forget the Blenderburse!

Claytonian said...

Whert a blurnder!