Sunday, June 4, 2023

Stars and Wishes to feel good in your britches

You may know about stars and wishes. At the end of the elf-game sesh, players say what they liked about the session and what they hope happens next time.

My group was already doing MVP votes to end games, with the winner getting a Luck-bennie to use in the next get-together. Goes all chef-kiss. But I wanted to try S&WS as we played some S&W.

I realized stars often stroke the GM's ego. So, when we adopted S&Ws, I decided we will have the star be your MVP vote for a PC player, and the wish be as per usual. And I retained my title as humblest bestest DM.

MVP really is a good way to bond the crew. Try it out, even if there is no reward. Slay strong, people!
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