Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ironclaw: A fun, furry alternative to Hit Points

As the Dying Earth Sun equivalent of our great hobby (Google Plus) finally sputters its last, I am starting to go through my old posts and see what I want to share here for posterity.  I'm not the most frequent blogger, because G+ was good for low effort games talk and sharing. My attitude was presaged: I remember sitting at a Danny Choo party for who's whos among online Japan people (I used to be one) about ten years ago and hearing from another, much richer web guy that blogs were soon to be dead. But I value blogs as a semi-stable preservation of information. If my g+ posts become as inaccessable as my old Google Buzz or Reader posts, well, they'll be gone like nerd tears in the rain.

So here is the first post where I share something I think deserves eyes. In this case, it is an alternative to using HP. It doesn't even do wounds the same way as you usually see, really. Nor is it just a series of boxes like a White Wolf product might use. Take a look. One of the most interesting RPGs out there just happens to be for furries. I found it so intriguing I've been kind of folding it into my heartbreaker RPG.

You can read more about Ironclaw at 1d4chan.

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