Thursday, February 18, 2021

2d6 useful Encounters template with example

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So this was a fun thing and I want to do more of them and I hope you do too. The emergent storytelling possibilities are great. My players have already learned that a mad wizard is about from encountering his victims. I have made you all an Excel-ish template for rolling 2d6 to generate encounters. Percentiles are included to give a relative idea of what is rarely to be encountered. But they are cool, so I'm going to guarantee PCs eventually run into them especially if they push their luck. The procedure: 

  • Roll 2d6 and see what encounters are possible (you will have to choose if more than one is present). This happens each time PCs go through an area, and again if they stay there for a while for some reason (camping). 
  • Decide surprise or if the monster is doing something and so on. Reaction rolls are good too. 
  • An encounter that has happened is crossed off. If that number is rolled again, nothing happens this time. Eventually, the area will be tamed for a while, until new denizens start to percolate in. Check out the other tabs, because there is a blank page in there for you to fill out. Please blog your tables and let me know about them in the comments or on Twitter.

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