Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Best role-playing prompt in all of elf gamedom


Someone else came up with the prompt--who wazzat? Imma just add some spice.

Prompt, to be answered at char-gen: 
(person) won't give me (thing) because (reason).

It's a great way to establish character traits, connections, and lore. (Person) has the right to say they are not comfortable, BTW. Use your safety tools.

Spice: what follows is a list of things. Show it to the players to inspire them.

Actual things: A cursed book, the ten gold they owe me, his father's sword, my house, my boots,  a locket, a map to a place.

Abstract things: Respect, love, candor, justice, my sister's emancipation, freedom to do something, the time of day.

Actions: A kiss, a nod of "well done", first blood, a handshake, returning my eye contact.

What you won't give me (?): a comment with more ideas... 
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Dennis Laffey said...

Nice! Here's a few more things:

Actual Things: their firstborn, a cup of ale, my family's history/family tree

Abstract Things: a second chance, an early retirement, a spot on their team, a peerage

Actions: a laugh, a place to sleep at night, a moment's rest

Claytonian said...

You absolute legend!

Dennis Laffey said...

Thanks, man!

BTW I may try to revive my d6 Star Wars game over the summer. I'll let you know.