Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Homebrews: Gygax vs Arneson

No Zocchi hack?

In recent weeks, I made a couple one-page treatments of OeD&D based around rumors of how Arneson and Gary played D&D in both ancient times and the later aughts, when they both leveled up to the basement in the sky.

Which would you rather play? I want comments on that.

Roll a d2 to decide which to read first and control for bias. They are both linked below, available on Googydocs. 
Hargrave link because it's Arduin week BTW

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Charlie Warren said...

I'm digging those 3 files; downloaded them for further study.

In addition to a Zocchi hack shouldn't there be a "Perrin Hack" since the Perrin Conventions were in use in the early days? Maybe even a Spartan/Warlock hack...

AronBC said...

Hargrove - that’s the one I want to play.

Dennis Laffey said...

Interesting stuff. I just checked them out with my son, and I think I'd like to try the Arnesonian game, since I've played more or less the Gygax version already. The Hargrave stuff will take some time to comb through!

My son liked the Gygax stuff best because it made the most sense to him. He liked both G and A though.

Eric Nieudan said...

Arneson all the way babeee!

I like the freeform characters, the magic system (and the ancient tech pulpy vibes). I'd avoid the roll under table tho and use 2d7 or something weird like that.

That said, your Gygax is good! I'd consider it depending on target audience and game themes/goals.

I only skimmed Hargrave because I know fuck all about Arduin and I was promised one-page games :)