Wednesday, September 22, 2021

No levels follow up: Experiences, not XP

This is a sequel to my ramble on levels. One could expand or transplant the following idea into a full RPG.

There are no levels. Whenever you can claim an experience with something, you roll twice and take the better result. You know, the advantage mechanic.

Fought porcs before and in a porcine-humanoid fray again? Advantage! 

 The sphinx has demanded a fashionable makeover and you were a barber in your backstory? Advantage! 

Have to peruse De Vermis Mysteriis and majored in French in college? D'advantage! ----
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Josh said...

I think this is good. The caveat is you should have a number of ...what..."level slots" where you can store these. Put a cap on it.

Claytonian said...

let's call them... exploit slots. One per adventure. So I don't have to say the L word

Paul C said...

Having each character opt to each learn something different to suit their imagined character type is brilliant. It also calls for individualized aims for expeditions, which is always a plus for engagement. So, for example, the player who wants to learn how to turn every single type of undead has their work cut out for them! All you need are these experiences and each player to equip themselves as they see fit. A triumphant idea, in short.

Claytonian said...

Could wor!. Maybe they reach a goal, maybe the real experience is the friends we made along the way!

Claytonian said...